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"What's the most important thing?"

People try to put social media marketing into a little box. A common question I hear is, "What's the most important thing (about social media marketing)?". Before, I would have some long winded explanation of 'it's not really possible to pin it all down to one thing' or another variation of that. It took many conversations to make me realize that the most important thing, overall, is consistency.


Consistency can actually mean multiple things online:

  • Regularly posting

  • Content that fits the niche/business/etc

  • Overall style

  • Voice of the company

So let's break this down a bit further.

Posting regularly is a very important part of a social media strategy. Most popular social media platforms currently use algorithms to get your content to the hands of others. The more a person interacts with your content the more often they will see it. You've liked a post on Facebook that you've never interacted with and then BAM your feed is entirely filled with their posts from the past week. Exactly. These algorithms know if you liked X you must like Y.

Don't let your content feel out of place. I was scrolling online a few nights ago and saw a restaurant I frequent post a meme on their page. The meme was about wearing glasses when they run a Chicago-style pizza restaurant. I was very confused. This was the first meme they've ever posted, it was completely off topic, had no interactions, and was already up for hours when I saw it. Was this supposed to be posted elsewhere? Just because that meme may have been hilarious to you, or got a lot of likes on another page, doesn't mean it goes with your company's look. This also didn't fit into the voice of the company.

Side note: when changing the voice of the company see if you and your team would prefer a slow change or an immediate one. Do not switch back and forth with new designs, logo, copy, etc, then go back to previous looks. Change one thing a week, if going the slow route. Talk about the new logo, add it to imagery, then next week change the way you type your captions. Let that be the only change that week. Otherwise, just start fresh one random day and don't look back. Don't let your audience be confused!

It's so important to find your 'groove' in your business' social media presense. Have you ever had an audit done of your social media? Let fresh eyes see what is working, what isn't, and how to improve. Digi-Buzz is always happy to give reviews of your social media for free. Just send us a message or comment below.

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