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"I can handle my own social media account"

I hear it all the time from business owners...

  • "I can handle my own social media account."

  • "Literally anyone can run a Facebook page/Instagram account."

  • "I have an intern running my social media for me."

  • "I can save a ton of money running my online accounts myself."

I understand where they are coming from. Sure, you use Facebook all the time. Is Facebook Business the same as Facebook personally? The long and short answer is "Heck No."


Do you want your business to sound like you? Many businesses do but some want a different style. You need to always keep in mind how your business will sound versus how you sound. This includes keeping your personal thoughts on negative reviews away from the public eye with a formal, level-headed, response.

Time Management

Small business owners have an absolute ton on their plates. Merchandising, accounting, hiring, the list goes on and on. Do you really want to add social media to the mix? Wait, let's go back up to one of those questions. "I can save a ton of money running my online accounts myself." The average cost for a social media manager is over $50,000 according to online estimates. The highest Digi-Buzz plan costs less than half that a year. For most small businesses, these numbers are nothing to shake a stick at. Let's go more in depth what you are getting with these costs:

  • Professional content creation. Not just a meme that has been screenshot so many times it loses its color.

  • Answering messages people send.

  • Responding to questions and comments users send in.

  • Engaging with local/target-area future customers.

  • Helping these future customers find you on other platforms.

  • Building brand recognition.

  • Selling your product/services for you.

  • Saving you time.

If this person is doing their job correctly, they should be paying for their services with their online performance for your business.

Peace of Mind

This doesn't go for all social media managers but here at Digi-Buzz we offer 24/7 support. Your account manager can be reached no matter what time of day or night to help you. Keep in mind, the 24/7 line is designed for emergencies. What is a social media emergency you ask? Well, to name a few:

  • Social media attacks

  • Customer threats

  • PR crisis

  • Negative reviews from an event. (Did a server say something bad that got filmed and has now gone viral?)

The list can go on. We want to be here to help save your businesses reputation which is why we are always a call away for our clients.

The Right Way

Many social media and digital agencies rely on paid advertising to get the results their clients are looking for. Of course, you can spend a few thousand dollars to get a few thousand views per posts. We just ask, "Why?" We strive to get our clients the best organic response first then go to paid methods depending on their preference. We believe there is always a better response from an organic ad versus a paid one. We want to save our clients the most money with their social advertising possible.

Social media is an amazing tool to get your business out to the entire world with one click. Just be careful and make sure you're giving the world the best version of your business that you can.

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