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Social Media is a 24/7 Job

Anytime I have uttered the phrase, "social media is a 24/7 job", I receive a chuckle from the other party. It does worry me when people aren't prepared for a social media attack.

It can happen to anyone. A server said something wrong in front of a customer. An ex doesn't want you to succeed. You commented something that was misinterpreted. Refresh the page and there it is. Hundreds of negative reviews on your business in the blink of an eye. I have seen it happen a few times in my career and every time is upsets me. It's not place to judge- it's my place to help you fix it.

The first time I had a social media attack happen to a client, I noticed my notifications

start slowly increasing then going nuts. Exponentially increasing each passing moment. I click and see a small, one location, restaurant has 15 new reviews. 'This can't be good', I whispered to myself. I jumped on the phone and called the owner.

"Are you aware Your Store is going viral right now because of what one of your

servers said?"

"One of my servers... what?" I explained what was going on as quickly as I could. "I can begin working on a statement with you, now, or shut down your social media accounts. I, personally, suggest the latter. Reviews are coming in very quickly and these can't be deleted. Let's hold off the press release for a few days until this quiets down." The second he gave me the okay I turned his Facebook page off, "It's down."

A few days ago I was talking to a potential client and said my famous "social media is a 24/7 job" phrase and she laughed at me, too. When I told her that the internet doesn't sleep she confided in me, "it has, honestly, kept me up at night... someone saying something online I can't get rid of. Someone reviewed me a one star... my only one star review... and I don't have their name ever as my client! Why would someone do that to me?"

It's 7:45 pm right now, a few days before Christmas. My work phone stays on at night to ensure my clients can get in touch with me if something happens. I do ask them to only call if it really is a social emergency (as I enjoy sleeping) but to not hesitate if the situation occurs. "I have a 5 month old" I reply, "I'm up anyway." It's a lighthearted way of ensuring to someone I am available at all hours of the day or night.

If you are reading this and you cannot contact your social media manager right now, or in 4 hours, or this weekend... are they really 'managing' your business?

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