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I sent them to a competitor

I got a call from a man this week who wanted to chat about Facebook ads. I went into a nice spiel about what we could do to help him get a great return on his investment. He began to tell me about the special circumstances his business has with online advertising. There are many legalities that go into advertising toward Medicaid and Medicare patients that I am not completely clear on. I told this man that I would do some research and get back with him.

I always do a background on an industry if I am not well up-to-date with it. In my search I found a lot of trouble business owners have had with this type of business. Not the customers themselves- the business' rules online. I discovered that yes, I could do what was needed, but I don't think I would get as good of results as someone more in tune with this industry.

As promised, I wrote an email following up on our call. I told him I didn't have the expertise I would want to have to take him on as a client. I asked for information regarding other businesses he chatted with and gave him my recommendation for who he should follow up with.

It's more important to me to help a business get the help they need than for me to make money. I want everyone who talks to me to get some sort of return on their time. I might not be able to help this man but I hope I helped guide him to a good path and gave him some insider secrets about doing business (ie- never let a marketing company promise you leads! They will be fake or you will be let down.)

So, I didn't gain a client today but I hope I gained trust. That's the goal.

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