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Melissa's Message - December 2020

I have been making a lot of calls lately. My cold emails are being received well, and people want to jump on a call as soon as possible to discuss what Digi-Buzz can do for them. The most common thing I hear on these calls is, "We've been burned by marketing companies in the past."

It makes me sick, honestly, how many people have been scammed by marketing agencies. This reason alone is why we offer a 90 day risk free trial. In the first 90 days from your launch date you can cancel for any reason whatsoever without being charged. I want your business to see results immediately and if you don't see them, why would you want to continue working with us? I don't want any small business to frivolously throw money around at assorted opportunities. I want every dollar to be justified when you invest in Digi-Buzz for your social media. My goal is to show you exactly what we did, how we did it, and what we can do to perform even better the next time. We strive for perfection and are always learning new ways to do so.

When your business signs on to a plan with Digi-Buzz we immediately start doing a thorough investigation of your location, demographics of the area, and your competitors. We want to know who your ideal client is and how we can reach them. We need to know your competitors to see how they are using their social media to generate new business and how to beat them in the digital game. We want to know your location, no matter where you are in the world, to see where we want to target our incentives.

My goal is to make your small business extremely successful online. If we aren't the ones to be able to do that- well - I don't want to force you to continue something that isn't working. I want you to be excited every time we send an update email. I want you to see a noticeable increase in business. I want to help.

When you're ready let's chat about how we can make a buzz with you.

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