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Meet Me!

Hi there! I'm Melissa. I started Digi-Buzz.

I have over 10 years of social media management experience. At one point, I managed 64 Facebook pages and 32 Instagram and Twitter pages! When I took over the 96 accounts they were 2 months behind on posts. Within 3 weeks I got every account up to speed with content generated for the next two weeks!

I worked with a Google premier partner learning from Google executives during my time there.

I personally created a science page gathering over 750k followers at the time of writing. The popularity of my page, Bad Science Jokes, landed me an invite to blog for NASA at NASASocial in 2016 and 2017. Still one the proudest moments in my career.

Me in front of the IRIS rocket!
NASASocial 2017

Currently working at Digi-Buzz are Samuel Church and myself. With Digi-Buzz we will only accept 10 clients at a given time. Why? So we can give the utmost time and effort to each client without taking time away from others. I believe social media is a 24/7 job. If there's a problem it needs to be addressed right then and there. The internet moves very fast and you need someone on top of all things digital.

Sam focuses on special requests for graphic design while I am the main account manager for you! We will get to a biography about him on another blog post!

Let's chat about getting some major results on your social media profiles with the help of Digi-Buzz!

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