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Social Media During a Pandemic

When times get rough, the first thing small businesses do is cut their advertising budget. It seems expendable. Well, you can't stop ordering to-go cups and silverware right? Of course not. Marketing is so much more important than it may ever have been during the pandemic we have been facing since 2020.

"Are you open for dine-in?"

I call restaurants regularly asking this question. People don't usually update Google My Business regularly and some restaurants I frequent still say they are closed. As a consumer, we check Google and Facebook for information prior to calling. In a fast paced world I want my information now, I don't want to wait on hold. Facebook is an easy way to let people know "Yes, we are open for dine-in and we open at noon today." rather than taking someone away from their job to answer the phone.

"My state is mask-free, are you?"

Some people are very adamant about not wearing masks while others won't step foot outside their homes without one. Does your business require masks inside at all times? Will you throw a customer out for not wearing a mask? You need to handle this carefully as it can come off politically charged... But, you need to let your clientele know if you have strict rules being enforced. Especially if a large party is wanting to come in but you are not allowing groups larger than 8 at a table.

"What events are going on?"

Are bands playing at your venue? Is karaoke allowed? Are your arcade machines in use? Are the arcade machines being regularly sanitized?

Using Facebook Events to let your fans know that events are still going on is a great way to boost organic attention to your business. In smaller cities and towns, people more frequently use Facebook to search for upcoming events. One business currently working with Digi-Buzz is seeing exponential results from events this year than ever before. Why? People want to know what's going on when so many things have been canceled or changed. Then, it's easy for those interested to tag a friend or share with others about the event. A couple friends hanging out on a Friday night make a quick search to see what's happening and see your event 'happening now' and make a dash to your location.

Bonus Tip

Join local Facebook Groups and share your events there. This will help get the word out to an audience solely in your specific location without having to spend advertising dollars on 'boosting' the event!

Let your community know that you are still here. Small businesses are closing at record rates across the country (and the world for that matter). Don't let your dream become a boarded-up building. Never forget to post on social media. If nothing else, the cheerful comments from faithful customers will help you make it through another hard day.

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